Welcome to Writing Universe, a wikia where you may write about anything you desire! We are a calm, peaceful community that encourages each other to write to our heart's content. This community should be quite kind and welcoming. We welcome every new user and set them up with instructions on how to use this place. Give stories to the wiki, the wiki will give kindness to you. Beware, if rules are broken in this wiki, it will not be taken lightly. That being said, look below for more insight on the rules.
  • Your story MUST have an age/maturity rating somewhere in the page. See this.
  • You may write fanfictions, spoofs, original books, you name it! Anything!
  • Please treat users with kindness and respect.
  • Do not edit other stories without permission unless you are adding confirmed categories and templates
  • This is a place where original writing occurs. Please do not steal a story you did not write and take full credit
  • You may not reproduce someone else's story without their permission like making a spoof or fanfiction of someone ON HERE's story (Please don't think that you need permission to make a fanfiction of a published story, we mean unpublished story of someone ON HERE)

Featured User

No current featured user.

Featured Stories

To Qualify as a Featured Story:

  • Must have at least 5 chapters
  • Must have a cover
  • Must be either finished are in progress;cannot be abandoned.
  • Collab covers must have all authors' usernames.
  • Must have clear age rating
  • Must be in all necessary categories